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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Swanky Black Vintage Couch and Chair.

I can't hold out on you any more. I've had this for almost a week and shampooed it even though it wasn't dirty, sat on it, pretended it was my fainting couch, thought about hosting a wine and cheese party in my office where it's sitting just so I could use it but alas, this set is not for a family of six with a yellow lab and a perpetually crumby little one year old. No, I could never do that to this set. Then I missed the best light and got pretty bad pictures that make it look sun faded which it isn't. So, maybe I'll redo the pics this evening when I can get lovely glowing natural light to highlight its gorgeous lines.
It's the most comfortable and well preserved and beautiful mid century modern furniture I've ever seen. Quite simply, I can't believe it exists. It has one flaw. On the arm of the chair there is something stuck in the upholstery. My husband thinks it might be super glue. I think it might be elmers glue. Well, I don't know what it is but I'm not an expert and just hate to hurt the chair. 
So, if you are looking for a mid century set in black with super soft cushions and incredibly sexy lines, look no further. This set will knock your socks off. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A little lesson on the value of money

At the beginning of summer my kids made a giant list of things they wanted to do this summer. 
They put Elitch Gardens on that list. I winced and told them it's really not going to happen unless they earn the money because all of our expendable cash this summer is going into a home renovation so everyone can have their own bedrooms. Eden told me she would just sell some furniture like me. I told her that if they found something I'd spot them $50 to get started. She was happy with that and so the search began. We scouted thrift stores for a couple weeks and all three of the older kids pushed my patience to the limit. They asked if everything they saw was very valuable. From an old plastic portable chess game to a vintage sewing machine, to a plastic laminate book case. It seemed to never end. Finally one day at the ReStore Eden ran up to me with the same fresh shining expression saying the same thing "Mommy, I found it! I really really found it!" 
I felt the same little faint flutter of hope smothered by the need to count to ten for patience. We walked over to a corner I hadn't canvased yet and there she was... the perfect starter piece and only $45. I was so thrilled and relieved all at once. 
There they are in the store with their "find!" 

After we got it home, they polished it, photographed it and created a craigslist ad:
"This beautiful dresser is in great condition and would love to be welcomed into your house, it is in flawless condition and has big drawers that glide open easily. Another feature of this 1960's dresser is that it is made from solid walnut. This delightful dresser also comes with some cabinetry at the top for bulky items.The measurements for it are 
Hight: 44 inches
Depth: 17inches 
Width: 42inches"
Here's their pics:

Needless to say, I didn't correct anything or micro manage them other than to give my opinion on the value of the piece. Eden slaved over the ad for at least 2 hours with Kaitlyn popping in and giving her 2 cents now and then as well. 

Within a week and a half someone came and bought the dresser. A week in I probably would have dropped the price but the kids held strong at $300. I'm very fluid with my business and change my mind about how much somethings is going to sell for on a minute by minute basis. Not the kids, they were firm that $300 was the magic number on that dresser. Well, the man who bought it seemed a little cynical of us, he told Eden it was hard to dicker with a 10 year old. She gave him a confused smile and said she didn't know what that meant. He looked at me and said "unless this is just some ploy you use to sell your stuff." I laughed, completely unoffended and told him that no, this was the first piece of furniture that she's ever sold. So he handed her the cash and they left. She walked inside paging off my money that I had spotted her with. She was bitter I could tell. She casually said "so what do I owe you? $30?" I said "no ma'am, it's $45 actually $46 but we'll call it good at $45." She started to argue then slumped and handed me three twenties. I made change for her. She originally thought I was just giving them their start (which would essentially be like me saying I'll pay for $50 of your trip to Elitch Gardens...which I never said). I told them no way, when they make the big bucks they have to pay the piper. After getting over giving me back my money she looked at me and said "that was way easier than a lemonade stand." 
Two weeks ago the kids got their dream. Hello Elitch Gardens, fancy hotel in Downtown Denver and... bonus Mom and Dad treated them to the Zoo the next day! Just have to add that we got the Elitch tickets for $10 off apiece through a local school and the hotel through Priceline. The best part is that they still have $60 to reinvest for their next dream vacation. How many parents can say their kids put them up in a 4 Star hotel and treated them to Elitch Gardens? I've got some resilient little people I have to say.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Heywood Wakefield and Drexel by Jon Van Koert!

I have fun stuff right now guys! Get it while it's hot!
Lovely Stanley dining table with six beautiful chairs. One captains, five armless. Dining Table has a hidden butterfly leaf as well as two additional leaves making it incredibly versatile. Adjusts from 60 to 96 inches long. This set is in marvelous vintage condition with very little use. 
Buffet has three large drawers and two large cabinets for storage with a felted silver ware tray as well. 
Stanley is one of the finest furniture companies America has ever known. Obviously this is made in America and I believe it's made from walnut. 
NOTE: Due to damage I didn't see when I purchased this, I am dropping the price and will text you a picture before setting an appointment to see it. 

I would like $500 for the set but will sell the table and chairs for $400 and the buffet for $150 separately. 

Very striking Lane mid mod coffee table measures 15" high X 60" long X 30" wide. $60

Bedroom Set SOLD!
Stunning 5 piece mid century modern bedroom set. Drexel Profile designed by John Van Koert
This beautiful bedroom set was gently used the last 50 years so there are minor signs of wear. Includes highboy (chest of drawers),low dresser, mirror with beautiful details and two impossible to find petite night stands (side tables) Nice thing about this set is it doesn't come with a headboard so you can use it for a king, queen, full or twin bedroom. 

This is a classic! Heywood Wakefield furniture is solid birch. No veneer here, just beautiful solid refinished wood in a dark espresso stain that I think came out more along the lines of walnut to compliment your mid century modern home. Table is 42 inches wide X 61 inches long with two 15 inch leaves. The glides are solid wood, very unique. This is a full on banquet table with supporting middle leg when the two leaves are added. The table legs are an eye catching elliptical shape and the chairs have rich curves in the front and iconic dogbone chair backs. My husband just refinished this table but left the chairs as they were since they were still in very nice condition and required no attention. 

I also have a coordinating Heywood Wakefield credenza that was also refinished by my husband for $350

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Retro Eames Style Lounge Chair and Mid Century Broyhill Sculptra Dresser

Gorgeous vintage Eames style easy chair with ottoman. Fantastic reproduction without the $5000 price tag. Has been well cared for but is authentically vintage.

This beautiful dresser is in great condition and would love to be welcomed into your house, it is in flawless condition and has big drawers that glide open easily. Another feature of this 1960's dresser is that it is made from solid walnut. This delightful dresser also comes with some cabinetry at the top for bulky items.The measurements for it are 
Hight: 44 inches
Depth: 17inches  
Width: 42inches

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lovely Traditional Cherry Dining Set by Ethan Allen

This is a lovely set by Ethan Allen. If you know Ethan Allen, you know they use high quality wood, are made in the USA and cost a bundle. This set is no longer being manufactured but a comparable set would cost about $1700 for the table and $350 per chair which totals to about $3,800 plus tax. This table has a lovely cherry wood grain on the top and adjusts from 66 inches X 44 up to 100 inches X 44 with the two 17 inch leaves in it. It has minimal wear, no water rings or heat marks. Just a couple of small scratches in the leaves.
There are six chairs with upholstered seats in a cranberry, cream and gray fabric. All are unstained and in very nice condition. All are beautiful and rock solid. One very nice feature is the arm chairs can be pushed all the way up to the table and both leaves are apron leaves which are very finished looking. I have taken photographs with both leaves in and this will easily seat up to ten people.
I give this set about an 8 out of 10. which is a great value for the price.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gorgeous vintage credenza, beautiful gold color. Made by Robinson Furniture. 5 drawers and two cabinets. Top drawer is felted and divided for flatware. This piece is vintage so it does show some scratches and marks from age. Measures 58X19X31